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IBTTA’s Transportation Visioning Summit Explores ‘Futures of Transportation’

Bill Cramer

The gracefully flowing archway and rays of sunlight on the report cover say it all: there are challenges on the immediate horizon, but the “futures of transportation” that senior industry executives explored at IBTTA’s Transportation Visioning Summit last November hold incredible promise for the wider sector and the communities it serves.

IBTTA convened the gathering of 18 transportation association and society leaders at a time when Washington, DC was entering a period of rapid transition. “The purpose of the summit was to develop a vision for a federal transportation program that addresses current and future challenges,” said Patrick Jones, Executive Director and CEO of IBTTA. “While the summit did not conclude with a single vision, the meeting was an important step in advancing a common vision among major transportation groups.”

From autonomous vehicles to smart cities and design, from the future of freight movement to tomorrow’s transportation infrastructure and leadership, the charge to participants was to move beyond the funding and financing issues that are always on the table. They seized that challenge and began imagining several transportation futures the public will want to use and pay for.

“Right now, we are blind to the cost of transportation” said one participant. “I’m hoping that as technology changes and our relationship to transportation changes, we are going to get the public on board.”

Read the final report, The Futures of Transportation, from IBTTA’s Transportation Visioning Summit.