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IBTTA 79th Annual Meeting & Exhibition

September 11-14, 2011 | Berlin, Germany

  • Final Agenda (PDF)
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Sunday, September 11, 2011 to Wednesday, September 14, 2011
Session Date: 
Monday, September 12, 2011
Session Description: 

Sustainable Transportation Around the World: Making a Positive Impact on our Future

MODERATOR: Stephen Mayer, Ph.D., P.E., Parsons Corporation

  • Michael DeBacker, P.E., Burns McDonnell Engineering Company [presentation]
  • Pierre Coppey, Vinci Autoroutes [presentation]
  • Sibylle Rupprecht, International Road Federation (IRF) [presentation]
  • Hanns-Karsten Kirchmann, Toll Collect GmbH [presentation]
  • Nicolas Painvin, Fitch Ratings 

The Politics, Policies and Market Forces Around Tolling

MODERATOR: Jim Anglin, P.E., HNTB Corporation

Session Date: 
Tuesday, September 13, 2011
Session Description: 

Break-out Track: Interoperability

European Transnational Interoperability - From Theory to Practice


Emerging and Future Technologies - Implications for Interoperability

MODERATOR: Dave Kristick, E-470 Public Highway Authority

The Business Rules and Financial Aspects of Interoperability - it DOES Work!

MODERATOR: Stephan Andriuk, Miami-Dade Expressway Authority

Break-out Track:  Tolling and Infrastructure Around the World

Expansion and Modernization

MODERATOR: Jack Opiola, D'Artagnan Consulting LLC

  • Brian Michie, EROAD [presentation]
  • Dr. Kian-Keong Chin, Land Transport Authority
  • Ian Symon, South Africa
  • Maria Fernanda Madrid, United Kingdom [presentation]

India - An In-Depth Look at Serious New Road Infrastructure

MODERATOR: Fadi Selwan, VINCI Concessions SA

  • Malika Seddi, ASFA [presentation]
  • Milind Joshi, IDFC Project Equity Company Ltd. [presentation]
  • Rajesh Samson, Ernst & Young [presentation]
  • Jose Labarra, Isolux Corsan Concesiones

Expansion and Modernization of Road Infrastructure II - Asia and the Russian Federation

MODERATOR: Josef Czako, Kapsch TrafficCom

  • Dato' Noorizah Abd Hamid, Plus Expressways Berhard [presentation]
  • Ilhom Shoev, Innovative Road Solutions [presentation]
  • Mike Lee, Far Eastern Electronic Toll Collection Company (FETC) [presentation]
  • Tereziya Babych, State Road Administration of Ukraine [presentation]
  • Zeina Nazer, P.E. [presentation]

Break-out Track: Communications

Roundtable on Industry Communications and the Media

MODERATOR: Lisa Thompson, HNTB Corporation

  • Olaf Opitz, Focus Magazine
  • Jason Barnes, ITS International
  • Kary Witt, Golden Gate Bridge
  • Maria Elena Ochoa, Manila North Tollway Corporation

No formal PowerPoint presentations were given during this session.

Communications 2.0

MODERATOR: Martin Rickmann, Toll Collect GmbH

Crisis Management: Manage the Issue Before the Issue Manages the Organization

MODERATOR: Lisa Callahan, Kansas Turnpike Authority

  1. Cynthia Ward, Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority [presentation]
  2. Pierre Francois Linares, France [presentation]
  3. Marty Stone, Ph.D., AICP, Tampa-Hillsborough Expressway Authority [presentation]

Break-out Track: Environmental and Social Responsibility

The Environment - The Impact of Externalities 

MODERATOR: Larry Yermack, Wendover Consult

Social Responsibility and Sustainability

MODERATOR: Mike Heiligenstein, Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority

  • Steve Snider, Halifax Harbour Bridges [no formal presentation]
  • Yannis Freris, Gefyra S.A. [presentation]
  • Nikelle Meade, Brown McCarroll, L.L.P. [no formal presentation]
  • Norbert Handke, ITS Network [no formal presentation]

The Road Safety Picture: A Joint Effort Among Vehicles, Infrastructure and Users

MODERATOR: Emanuela Stocchi, AISCAT [all presentations]

  • Joerg 'Nu' Rosenbohm, ITS America
  • Fuensanta Martinez-Sans, European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA)
  • Pascal Latimier, Abertis France
  • Roberto Arditi, Sina, S.p.A.
Session Date: 
Wednesday, September 14, 2011
Session Description: 

Project Financing - Delivering the New Realities

MODERATOR: Susan Buse, Wilbur Smith Associates

  • Torsten Boeger, Transport Infrastructure Financing Company Ltd. (VIFG) [presentation]
  • Jose Luis Moscovich, San Francisco County Transportation Authority [presentation]
  • David Alvarez, Government of Puerto Rico [presentation]
  • Cherian George, Fitch Ratings [presentation]
  • Jaroslaw Waszkiewicz, Poland [presentation]

New Paradigms Within an Evolving Economy - Doing Business Around the World

MODERATOR: Bill Halkias, P.E., Attica Tollway