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Interoperability and All-Electronic Toll Collection Workshop

May 15-17, 2011 | Plano, TX

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Sunday, May 15, 2011 to Tuesday, May 17, 2011
Session Date: 
Sunday, May 15, 2011
Session Description: 

General Session

Connected Vehicle Technology: Pursuing an Open Platform for Innovation

  • Peter Appel, Research and Innovative Technology Administration (RITA) [presentation not available]

Progress and Development of VMT 

MODERATOR: Jack Opiola, D'Artagnan Consulting LLC [Opening Presentation]

There were no formal PowerPoint presentations.

  • Ginger Goodin, P.E., Texas A&M University System
  • Ben Pierce, M.S., PMP, Battelle Transportation
  • Peggy Catlin, P.E., Colorado DOT [presentation]
  • Paul Sorensen, Ph.D., RAND Corporation
  • Mike Krusee, Parternship for Livable Communities


MODERATOR: Harold Worrall, Ph.D., P.E., Transportation Innovations, Inc.

Session Date: 
Monday, May 16, 2011
Session Description: 

General Session

Tolling Technology: Initiatives and Impacts

MODERATOR: Steve Morello, Egis S.A.

  • Dick Schnacke, Transcore [presentation]
  • Bruce Roesner, Ph.D., Federal Signal Corporation [presentation]
  • Richard Turnock, Kapsch TrafficCom IVHS [presentation]
  • Brent James, 3M [presentation]
  • Willy Dommen, Booz Allen Hamilton [presentation]
  • Jack Opiola, D'Artagnan Consulting [presentation not available]

Break-out Sessions

Making the Leap to AET

MODERATOR: Michael Davis, P.E., DBIA, Atkins

Back-Office Solutions and Challenges

MODERATOR: Ronald Fagan, Fagan Consulting

  • Jason Schmer, Municipal Services Bureau [presentation]
  • Priscilla Scadden, E-470 Public Highway Authority [presentation]
  • John Bannerman, North Texas Tollway Authority [presentation]

Challenges with the Video Bill Customer

MODERATOR: Clayton Howe, North Texas Tollway Authority 

  • Daniel Jacobs, MTA Bridges and Tunnels [presentation]
  • Steve Corbin, Tampa-Hillsborough Expressway Authority [presentation]
  • Joseph Donahue, E-470 Public Highway Authority [presentation]

Transponder/Reader: How Do We Play Together?

MODERATOR: JJ Eden, AECOM and Alliance for Toll Interoperability (ATI)

License Plate and Violation Enforcement

MODERATOR: Dave Kristick, E-470 Public Highway Authority

  • Sue Caelers, MACS Snr, GAICD, Momentum Consultancy Group [presentation]
  • Sara Wheeler, Harris County Toll Road Authority [presentation]
  • Joyce Hill, Transportation Corridors Agency [presentation]

Business Case

MODERATOR: Ed Regan, Wilbur Smith Associates

Who Are You?

MODERATOR: Dave Kristick, E-470 Public Highway Authority 

  • Jim Kennedy, INEX/ZAMIR [presentation]
  • Brian Patno, Raytheon HTMS [presentation]
  • Dwight Jordan, Federal Signal Technologies [presentation]
  • Jim Alves, Dacolian USA [presentation]
  • Philip Underhill, American Traffic Solutions, Inc. [presentation]
  • Richard Carrier, Law Enforcement Systems, LLC [presentation]

What Are You?

MODERATOR: Rick Gobeille, P.E., Jacobs Engineering Group 

No formal PowerPoint presentations were given.

  • Bob Lees, Federal Signal Technologies
  • John Corcoran Jr., P.E., New Hampshire DOT

"How Do You Pay?" What Payment Technologies Do We Need to Suit All Customer Groups?

MODERATOR: Ted Hull-Ryde, ETC Corporation

Session Date: 
Tuesday, May 17, 2011
Session Description: 

Break-out Sessions

New Signs for New Times: Options in Roadway Signage

MODERATOR: Alfred Lurigados, P.E., Miami-Dade Expressway Authority 

  • Juan Toledo, P.E., Miami-Dade Expressway Authority [presentation]
  • Elizabeth Mow, P.E., North Texas Tollway Authority [presentation]
  • Neil Thomson, P.E., E-470 Public Highway Authority [presentation]

Getting the Word Out - Do Our Customers Really Care?

MODERATOR: Jo Snell, E-470 Public Highway Authority  [Presentation]

One PowerPoint presentation was given to represent entire session.

  • Kimberly Jackson, North Texas Tollway Authority
  • Cindy Polo-Serantes, Miami-Dade Expressway Authority
  • Steve Pustelnyk, Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority

Transaction Settlement

MODERATOR: Jack Opiola, D'Artagnan Consulting LLC

Interoperability Assurance: Means & Methods

MODERATOR: Tim McGuckin, OmniAir Consortium [presentation]

  • Eric Christensen, New York State Thruway Authority
  • Ted Mawhinney, Concurrent Technologies Corporation
  • Randy Roebuck, Federal Signals Technolgoies 
  • Stella Joseph, HNTB Corporation

Driving the Plan for Interoperability

MODERATOR: Martin Stone, Ph.D., AICP, Tampa-Hillsborough Expressway Authority [presentation]

One PowerPoint presentation was given to represent entire session.

  • Randy Brown, Maryland Transportation Authority
  • Tim Schock, TransCore
  • Victoria Dewey, Parson Brinkerhoff
  • Jack Opiola, D'Artagnan Consulting LLC

What Are The Related Technologies to Tolling, and What Are The Opportunities They Present?

MODERATOR: Fred Philipson, Atkins

  • Willy Dommen, Booz Allen Hamilton [presentation]
  • Terry Griffith, Atkins [presentation]
  • Mike Payne, Federal Signal Technologies [presentation]
  • Scott Belcher, ITS America [presentation]

Common Specifications and Test Practice: How to Simplify Implementation 

MODERATOR: Mike Payne, Federal Signals Technologies

  • Dan Baker, HNTB Corporation [no presentation available]
  • Barry Weems, North Texas Tollway Authority [presentation]
  • Richard Nelson, Florida's Turnpike Enterprise [presentation]
  • Ian Liebenberg, The South African National Roads Agency [presentation]
  • Dick Schnacke, TransCore [presentation]

Low-Cost Tolling Solutions - There Are People Out There Who Need Them

MODERATOR: Bart Cima, P.E., IBI Group

General Session

Future Shock - Where Are We Going?

MODERATOR: Tim McGuckin, OmniAir Consortium