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Transportation Policy & Finance Summit

March 13-15, 2016 | Washington, DC

 Final Agenda

  • Questions relating to presentations can be directed to Cheryle Arnold.
  • To receive a form for professional development hours, please email Harry Smith.

Prepared Summary of Meeting

Sunday, March 13, 2016 to Tuesday, March 15, 2016
Session Description: 

Sunday, March 13, 2015

MWAA Technical Tour

Presentation given on the bus during the tour. View.

Finance Roundtable

Presentations from the will not be posted.  If you would like to recieve a copy, please email the presenter directly.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Road Usage Charging - Savior or Pipe Dream

Moderator: Greg Hulsizer, HNTB Corporation

Toll Agencies in the connected and Autonomous Vehicle Future

Moderator: Larry Bankert, P.E., PTOE, Michael Baker Intl.

  • Ken Leonard, ITS Joint Program Office (remarks only)
  • David Pickeral, TRIMETA (remarks only)
  • Stan Caldwell, Traffic21 Institute
  • Larry Yermack, Cubic Transportation Systems (remarks only)
  • Craig Shuey, Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission

Managed Lanes, Toll Roads and RUC - Many Tools with Many Purposes...So How Dow We Coordinate Them?

Moderator: Amy Potter, Transportation Corridor Agencies

  • Brian Annis, California State Transportation Agency (remarks only)
  • Steven Abendschein, Stantec Consulting Services
  • Michael Kraman, P.E., Transportation Corridor Agencies
  • Lisa Bartlett, Orange County Board of Supervisors (remarks only)
  • Anne Mayer, Riverside County Transportation Commission

Policy and Governance Questions with RUC/MBUF

Moderator: Lou Neudorff, P.E., CH2M

How Have P3 and Monetization Concepts Changed and Where Are They Headed

This session was a discussion panel only. No formal presentations were given.

Moderator: Benjamin Djiounas, JP Morgan Securities

  • Jennifer Chang, Moody’s Investors Service
  • Douglas Koelemay, Virginia Office of Public-Private Partnerships
  • David Horner, Hunton & Williams
  • Jordi Graells, Missouri Transportation Alliance

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

All Politics and Solutions Are Local

Moderator: Chris Mwalwanda, CDM Smith

  • Ben Bakkenta, Puget Sound Regional Council
  • Emil Frankel, Eno Center for Transportation
  • Peter Garino, Rhode Island Department of Transportation
  • Casey Newman, Wisconsin Department of Transportation (remarks only)

Challenges and Opportunities at the Regional/State Level

Moderator: Chris Tomlinson, State Road & Tollway Authority

The Drive Toward All-Electronic Tolling From a Finance Perspective

Moderator: Nick Grieshaber, Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission

Time for Change

The Media's Perspective on Informing the Public About Tolling

This session was a discussion panel only. No formal presentations were given.

Moderator: Adrian Moore, Ph.D., Reason foundation

  • Robert Thomson, “Dr. Gridlock”, Washington Post
  • Danielle Leigh, King 5 Television
  • Martine Powers, POLITICO Pro
  • Max Smith, WTOP