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Thank you for your interest in joining a Meeting Planning Group.    

Planning future meetings for IBTTA is a two part process.  For each meeting, there will be a Chief Meeting Organizer and then Track Leaders.  The nubmer of Track Leaders depends on the size of the meeting. These leader roles will organize smaller groups within groups as needed.

Phase 1 
The planning begins each year in July at the Conference Planning Meeting, Members join together to talk about topics, trends in our industry and work a full day to propose an outline for each meeting.  The result of this day of planning is a rough outline what each meeting looks like, such as topic areas, or ideas of tours or special training.  This phase was accomplished in July 2016.  

Phase II 
The second phase of planning begins about 6-8 months prior to the meeting.  The Meeting Planning Group works together by teleconference, usually once per week, to design a high quality, content-driven program.  Group members may be assigned to smaller groups within the group to work together on one particular session or track. 

NOt sure which Meeting Planning Group to join?  Check out our Event Calendar, which continues to change as details are confirmed!  Or, download the Meeting Profiles Brochure to read about each of the meetings.

We look forward to working with you.

The IBTTA Staff

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