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Don’t Make Your Phone a Lethal Weapon on Memorial Day: Think Zero Deaths

Before you head out on the open road for the Memorial Day weekend, as some 34 million people are expected to do, there’s a new, essential item to add to your highway safety checklist.

You’ll want to check your tires, fill up the gas tank and pack your emergency kit. Plan your route and keep your maps (or mapping app) easily at hand.

If you travel give you the option of choosing a toll road, we suggest taking it for a safer, more reliable ride, to make sure you reach your destination on time when you want to spend your weekend with family and friends, not stuck in traffic.

‘All Options Are On the Table’: U.S. Senator Inhofe

The importance of public-private partnerships was front and center last week when Senate Transportation and Infrastructure Subcommittee Chair James Inhofe (R-OK) marked Infrastructure Week with an op ed in The Hill.

Senate Testimony This Week Gives IBTTA Members a Seat at the Table

Three IBTTA members took their seats at the table at the Dirksen Office Building on Tuesday, when a subcommittee of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee held a hearing on innovative solutions to leverage federal infrastructure funding.

For Infrastructure Week 2017, All Solutions and Stories Are Local

When the U.S. transportation community celebrates Infrastructure Week each year, it’s a great opportunity to shine a light on the big-picture funding and program policies that will keep America moving forward.

But it’s also the right moment to recognize that much of leadership on highway funding and finance is coming from the local and state level. That most anything we do in Washington, DC to advance tolling and surface transportation is meant to unleash private and public initiative where the rubber actually hits the road.

Federal Tolling Program Looks for Greater Coordination, New Conversations with State Partners

Cynthia Essenmacher arrived four months ago as Tolling Program Manager at the U.S. Federal Highway Administration’s Center for Innovative Finance Support, after more than a decade working at FHWA and, before that, the Maryland Transportation Authority. In this interview with Tolling Points, she talks about the role she expects to play in coordinating the federal presence in tolling to deliver the greatest benefit to state partners and highway users.

What key priorities do you hope to address as Tolling Program Manager?

Rating Agencies See Tolling on the Rise

With federal and state funding capacity falling short, at least one major player on the U.S. infrastructure finance scene is pointing to toll roads as a way to pay for much of the surface transportation the country needs.

Truckinginfo Post Shows Pathway for Freight Industry to Embrace Tolling

Any salesperson knows they’ve made a significant advance with a prospective customer when the conversation shifts from “if” to “how”.

It’s the moment when the prospect stops thinking about whether they’re going to buy and starts working out when to make the purchase, or how they can best adapt the product or service to their needs.

Maintenance and Roadway Operations Workshop Highlights New Asset Management Techniques, Technologies

Jeff Heilstedt, Vice President at AECOM, and Eric Hemphill, Director of System and Incident Management with the North Texas Tollway Authority, are Co-Chief Meeting Organizers for IBTTA’s Maintenance and Roadway Operations Workshop, May 21-23, 2017 in New Orleans. In this interview with Tolling Points, they talk about the technology opportunities and the safety and security issues that are bringing new dimensions to the work of roadway maintenance teams.

Suburban Mayor Defends Tolling as British Columbia Election Heats Up

IBTTA members have known for a very long time that the more familiar people are with modern tolling systems, the more likely they are to like them.

Now, in a suburb of Greater Vancouver, at least one mayor is adding his voice to a debate that has begun to emerge during the provincial election in British Columbia, on Canada’s west coast.

And New Westminster Mayor Jonathan Coté is weighing in in favor of tolling as a tool for managing the region’s epic traffic.

Uncorking the Bottleneck

TIME Op Ed Tells the Story: We Get What We Pay For

“Want America to Be ‘Great’ Again? Pay For It.”

That was the picture-perfect headline that TIME magazine, one of America’s most venerable and influential print publications, attached to the op ed it published last week by IBTTA Executive Director and CEO Patrick Jones.

TIME’s decision to accept the op ed was picture perfect in itself, a reflection of the growing prominence of tolling and other forms of user financing in the search for solutions to the highway infrastructure funding crisis.