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International Mobility Connections: It All Comes Together at IBTTA’s Summit of Rome

By Emanuela Stocchi

My theme for my term as IBTTA President this year has been International Mobility Connections.
Every part of my theme will be in evidence when you attend our International Summit of Rome October 15-17.

Public transportation needs drive large spending projections nationwide

Guest blog by Mary Scott Nabers 

Public transportation needs are great in the U.S. but the good news is that elected officials, taxpayers and the public at large obviously want to address the needs. Throughout the country, there is proof that citizens want to see public transportation needs addressed quickly.

Rising Traffic Volumes Reaffirm the Need for Infrastructure Investment: FHWA

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) isn’t pulling any punches with the conclusion it draws from the latest figures for U.S. traffic volumes, which show “a streak of steadily increasing vehicle miles travelled (VMT) that began in 2011.”

FHWA points out that U.S. drivers logged more than 1.58 trillion miles in the first six months of 2017. This is the equivalent of more than 8,500 round trips from the Earth to the Sun. The 280.9 billion miles Americans drove in June represented a 3.4-billion-mile increase over the same month last year.

Florida Sets the Pace on Disclosure of Car Rental Companies’ Toll Surcharges

It was a summertime story that was eclipsed (especially this week) by bigger breaking news, and largely fell off the radar as people rotated in and out of vacation mode. But in mid-July, Florida announced an important boost for any of those vacationers who were planning to visit the state and rent vehicles while they were there.

Along the way, Attorney General Pam Bondi charted a practical course for clearing a long-standing irritant between toll authorities and rental car companies.

IBTTA’s Rome Summit Takes the Pulse of a Dynamic Global Industry

With 2017 President Emanuela Stocchi focusing her year at IBTTA’s helm on International Mobility Connections, the association’s International Summit of Rome October 15-17 is shaping up as a unique opportunity to take the pulse of a booming global industry.

Congestion Pricing Trial Shows That Seeing is Believing

Congestion Pricing Trial Shows That Seeing is Believing

One of the stories you hear a lot from IBTTA members is that familiarity breeds public support: that the more drivers get to experience the benefits of safer, more reliable roads, the more willing they are to pay their tolls.

Sharing the City to Achieve Livability

Guest Blog by Ken Philmus, SVP Transportation, Conduent

For city managers, mayors and other elected officials, it is obvious that automotive congestion reduction is an important goal. But too often not asked: Why and to what end?

Reducing vehicular and freight traffic is important, as it allows for better planning and mobility of residents and workers. But it’s a means to an end. This alone won’t go far enough toward reaching the end goal of a “people-centered” urban landscape.

Highway Systems Plan for Congestion Headaches During August 21 Solar Eclipse

What do you do when you expect a rare astronomical phenomenon to bring an estimated 1.9 to 7.4 million drivers and passengers into a narrow band of the country over a period of just a few hours, turning a regular weekday into a tangle of highway congestion?

Highway Budget Debate Showed Economic Risk of Project Delays

$345 million per week in economic activity. 43,000 jobs at risk. Just before the summer break, in the dying days of Illinois’ budget debate, the American Road & Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA) did the whole transportation community a service by putting some numbers to the dire consequences of a “prolonged” shutdown of state highway projects.

Tolls in History: 1½¢ Per Head of Sheep, Hogs, or Calves

The next time you set out on a summer vacation trip, there’s a new item you’ll want to add to your travel checklist.

You should still check your tire pressure and fluid levels, pack your emergency blankets, flashlights, and first aid kit, and remember never to text or make a phone call while you’re at the wheel.

But even in an era of cashless, all-electronic tolling, you might want to bring along some small change.

Just for old times’ sake.